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Like a Virgin
Like a Virgin
122 Episodes
A new pop culture podcast with a mix of news, cultural criticism, and comedy through a queer-trans lens, hosted by Fran Tirado and Rose Dommu. Though they are best friends now, Fran and Rose grew up very differently. Fran was a cult-ish, sheltered Christian camp counselor and Rose had a penchant for writing deranged fanfiction. Now they’re both godless heathens taking a look back at the formative classics that popped their cherries and made them who they are. Each week, the show starts off with a breakdown of the week’s pop culture news, then does a deep dive into one cultural object that one of them might be experiencing for the first time. They’ll also invite writers, comedians, activists, and entertainers to help them break it down.  Follow @rosedommu and @fransquishco on Instagram and Twitter.
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